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hey! i'm a big fan of your blog. i found out your going to college from reading your post. just wanted to ask , are you going to take long distant relationship? because if you are i recommend you to use "open when " letters. they're amazing and i think you'll like them. again best of luck.xx

thank you so much! no we’re not :( but that’s a great idea though! xx


Art therapy. 




July’s Faces
Always wanted a self portrait of yourself?
Our lovely writer Kenzy is choosing 5 lucky readers who reblog this and will be drawing a portrait of them.
All you have to do is reblog this picture as many times as you want and on the first of August, Kenzy will be picking the lucky winners!
But don’t worry if you don’t get chosen. Kenzy will be doing these monthly so you can enter each month! 
P.S This picture belongs to the lovely artist Ruby! You can check out her blog here !
Much Love xx

unknowingly began a series of ‘from where we sit’ of lionel and i. i seem to like capturing us at this very angle, as I already have three from separate occasions. Will continue to document and post the rest as it adds up.

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